The old site. What follows is a stream of consciousness.

Site Design

First, I’ll use to prototype and copy the code my design produces. Saving me time from experiments with HTML and CSS. Actually I’m going to add some CSS to limit line lengths based on the size of the type here. See, they’re too long.


These new paragraphs should be more humane. They’re set in Crimson Pro, 21px for viewing from at a distance—16px for mobile, roughly 75 characters per line, with 25% increased line height (leading). I know that I want a less offensive background color.

Carlos Vigil


I chose an 88% gray on the HSL color model. Though I’ve centered these elements it looks like I might benefit from a grid and padding (‘‘margins’’). Also, this main page needs a little branding, so I've added my name on the left.


For ease of use and a kind of rest from verticle scrolling on daily basis I could make a horizontal gallery. The height will be 600px, which should fit on most mobile devices.

Turns out there’s a javascript library I can use.



I didn't have time to implement Web Apps Projects into the gallery but here are links to prototype presentations.

Animated App
Asymmetrical Site
Voice Enabled App
In Progress Clothing Web Store

Think I’ll add some sectioning to the gallery. Perhaps which class, or what topic. Now I need a balancing element; the gallery is a heavy block on a spacious page.


This site was made in a day. Few projects are complete in terms of the vision or tone that was intended. The choice of a serif font is based on recommendations that say serifed typefaces allow for the eye to flow from one letter to the next, but I have not searched for research on the topic, and, no one would say cursive is easier to read. The site aims to be accessible not stylish.